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      1. Product Introduction

        Sodium Carboxythyl Cellulose(CMC)is obtained by chemical modification of natural fiber .It is a water-soluble cellulose ether,ordourless,tasteless,and non-toxic with white/off-white powder or granular.CMC can dissolve in water easily and transfer into colloidal solution but cannot dissolve in ethanol,ether,acetone and other organic solvents.CMC has some excellent properties in terms of thickening,water retention,dispersing stability and so on.It can be widely used as thickener,water-holding agent,adhesive,emulsifier,disintegrant and biological carrier etc..It is one kind of health and environmental additive.


        Hansstar owned perfect quality management system, we control product standards strictly,ensure product quality and risk control effectively.

        Since from 1973, Hansstar company has always been committed to providing global customers high quality products and advanced application solutions for many years. Continuously improve product quality is our basic principle. Our Goal: “High Quality is our Habit”

        Hansstar Product

        Hansstar is committed to the development and production of various kinds CMC products, has a number of technical invention patents.We have long term stable friendly cooperative relationship with customers in a wide variety of industries.


        • Used as food additive, CMC has the function of thickening、emulsifying、suspending、water-holding、anti-corrosion、retaining freshness etc. It can improve taste and extend shelf life of food.

        • Uesd mainly as thickener to prevent its solids from liquids,Keep toothpaste brightness and smoothness.

        • Play the role as binder,film-forming agent,slow-release material in tablet、capsule and other solid preparation. Used as suspending agent,thickening agent,emulgator in liquid pharmaceutical preparations.

        • Used as Wet-end additive,smoothing agent,Surface-sizing agent in defiberination optimization、wet end、surface-sizing、coated preparation process.

        • CMC or PAC is mainly used for thickening and water-retention during the extraction of oil and gas process.

        • CMC is an important component of lithium battery. It is acted as thickener make the toner distributed evently on the copper foil together with the bond- SBR.

        • CMC is widely used in ceramic industry,textile industry,coating industry,mosquito-repellent incense industry, detergent industry,welding industry and so on.